Using glasswork as a primary medium, the images aim to challenge the viewers gaze, using the ethereal and optical qualities of the material to sculpt the unseen and present imagery that embodies a visual trickery, blurring the lines between the physical and digital, solid and fluid, material and immaterial.

Glass works as an interface between the real world and the virtual world, not only through the physical glass screen but in the sense that it allows us to interpret a space which doesn’t physically exist. It creates a mental space. It’s a material that continues to challenge our perception, most commonly used to reveal new insights into the physical world. With tools such as microscopes and telescopes, we view the world through a series of lenses in order to comprehend how things work and understand the reality in which we exist.

In a similar way, the distorted glass sculptures serve as lenses to present perspectives of reality which may reflect the hyperreal experience of our modern, consumer driven society. Drawing parallels with the digital world, not only in its fluid nature, the glass serves as a tool for indexing an overwhelming mass of information that’s often challenging to truly absorb.